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What Is It?!?

Our Buy A Vowel Corporate Game Show is a parody based loosely of TV’s, wildly-successful Wheel of Fortune™.

Groups of three, six, or nine contestants take turns spinning a larger-than-life point wheel, and make guesses at solving a hidden word puzzle.

Challenge your team to quickly solve the word puzzle, and bank as many points (and prizes!) in the process!

How the Game Plays

The game is extremely flexible, as it can adapt to accommodate three, six, or nine contestants during any given game.

Contestants are called onto stage, and stand behind one of three electronic scoring podiums. In turn, each contestant then spins the large point wheel, and is give a single letter guess in an effort to solve a word puzzle. Contestants continue spinning the wheel, and guessing single letters, until guessing incorrectly, or landing on one of the ‘Loose a Turn’ wheel spaces.

Once a word puzzle is solved by one of the contestants, a new puzzle is revealed, and play continues through two additional puzzles.

Wheel Corporate Event Game Show

Buy A Vowel Corporate Game Show

3, 6, or 9 Contestants

Lots of options to expand the gameplay… 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3!

15 Min Per Game

Each game can be custom-tailored to meet your time constraints, but a ‘typical game,’ without time constraints is about 15 minutes.

Questions About Anything

Like many of our corporate game shows, Buy A Vowel can easily accommodate custom word puzzles!
Buy a Vowel Wheel Game Board

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