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What Is It?!?

Buzzer/Phone Trivia is quite possibly one of the easiest, and most enjoyable trivia games you’ll ever play!

Using a cell phone or one of our wireless, handheld buzzers, contestants can quickly respond to questions shown on a screen with a fastest finger response (first to answer gets points), or all player response (everyone who answers correctly gets points).

Scores are automatically tallied throughout each game, and shown between questions on an interactive scoreboard. You’ll have a blast tracking your score as the game progresses!

How the Game Plays

Normal Play: You can play on a cell phone, plus we can provide 100+ wireless buzzers. Games can be played in any length of time you’d like. However, a ‘normal game’ of buzzer trivia is about 20 questions, and lasts about ~10 minutes.

Trade Show Play: We can provide any number of buzzers, and passersby can stop in and play their own game on demand. You can structure the number of questions, point/prize values, and more! What a great way to attract attention to your booth!

There are three separate screens that the contestants see when playing the Wireless Buzzer Corporate Game Show:

  1. Screen #1 is the Question (15 seconds to answer)
  2. Screen #2 is the highlighted, correct answer
  3. Finally, Screen #3 is an updated scoreboard

Wireless Buzzer Trivia Game Show

1-2,000+ Contestants

Play from your cell phone, or one of the 100 handheld buzzers we provide!

10 Min Per Game

Although a ‘typical game’ is about 10 minutes, we can structure the games to be any length.

Questions About Anything

Ask about anything… literally, ANYTHING! ¬†Show images, movie clips, sound bites, etc!

Sample Trivia Questions

Questions can be about anything… sports, movies, music, history, 3rd grade math… you name it!

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Corporate Event Trivia Game Show

Play from your phone or one of our Buzzer Pads!